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Roof Decorating Tips for the Holidays



Posted On: October 28, 2021

The holidays are closing in as fall kicks off, and tis the season to decorate! Installing festive lights and other decor on a home or business can be a headache and potentially cause damage to your roof. Avoid the hassle and make decorating more enjoyable and safe with these tips to avoid roof damage.


  1. Test your ladder! Make sure it is sturdy and tall enough for you to safely reach the areas you plan to hang decorations.
  2. Before you climb the ladder, make sure all lights are working properly. This will ensure less up and down during installation.
  3. Do NOT climb on wet roofs or roofs that are very slanted and steep. And always wear closed toed shoes with good traction.
  4. Secure lights with hooks. Do NOT use nails, tacks, screws or staples. These can all permanently damage your roofing, gutters or siding. Instead, use insulated hooks which can reduce fire risks due to frayed wires. Each strand should be secure against the house with hooks in case of windy weather.
  5. Clear gutters of dried leaves and other debris. When hanging lights near or on a gutter, make sure there is nothing that could become a fire hazard. One of the most common causes of house fires is bulbs getting too close to dried out leaves.
  6. Make sure any hanging lights or any decor that requires a plug in are meant for exterior use. Interior decor is not meant to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  7. Set a timer so lights and inflatables will turn off automatically after a certain period time or at a specific time. Especially before bed or when you’re leaving the house for an extended period.
  8. Use the buddy system. You should never attempt to decorate a roof or high places without someone to help and ensure you are safe.
  9. Tie or weigh down inflatables. If you look at successful roof decorating projects, you’ll notice they tend to use either lightweight frameworks of lights, or inflatable objects. Inflatables are usually light enough to place on your roof, and need to be placed correctly to avoid damage.
  10. While you are decorating, make sure to check your roof and gutters for needed repairs or any damage that may have occurred since your last inspection. This is the best time to call your professional roofing contractor to ensure your roof is in good health.
  11. When it’s time to take your decorations down, DO NOT pull lights down by the wire. In order to prevent damage to roofing, gutters or siding, you should climb the ladder and remove the strands from the hooks and untie and deflate any inflatables. Don’t throw anything off the roof. Use a buddy to carefully hand things down.


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